Der Diwan Des Abd Al-Latif Fathallah (TWO VOLUMES).

Fathallah, ‘Abd Al-Latif/ Edited By Zuhair Fathallahr & Muhammad Al-Hugairi.

Book ID: 21474

ISBN:      3515037047


8 vo. Volume I: 635 pp of Arabic text, title printed in German & Arabic/ Volume II: 593-1196, publishers’ original wrappers, index, Beiruter Texte Und Studien, Band 34, Franz Steiner Verlag, Wiesbaden & Beirut, first edition, 1984.


This study contains the collection of the poet Abd Al-Laltif Fathallah which was previously lost for a period ranging from 1822 until 1979 when it was found and reedited for publication. As a result of the mysterious disappearance of the collection, the poet did not feature in studies of Arabic poetry from the 19th and 20th century. The authors estimate that the collection presented in this work is not complete since it ends abruptly more than twenty years before the poet’s death and in its present state lacks certain pages.

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