Die Beruhmten Traditionarier der Islamischen Lander. [Kitab Mashahir ‘Uluma’ Al-Amsar].

Al-Busti, Ibn Hibban / Manfred Fleischhammer (Editor).

Book ID: 10560


8vo. viii introduction in German, 256 pp., of Arabic text, Bibliotheca Islamica Band 22, publisher’s original wrappers, lightly rubbed at spine, Unopened, copy clean inside and in very good condition, Franz Steiner Verlag, Wiesbaden & Druckerei de Lagna, Cairo, 1959.


This work was first published by the Orientalist Plaschmer, and records life sketches of 1602 people at varying lengths. The work comprises translations of books by noted scholars of six regions viz Egypt, Syria, Khurasan, Hijaz, Iraq and Yemen.
Ibn Hibban al-Busti (c. 270–354/884–965) was a Muslim scholar, Muhaddith, historian, author of well-known works, and Sheikh of Khorasan. He was born c. 270 AH (884 CE) in Bust or Bost in present-day southern Afghanistan. He studied Islamic sciences with many prominent scientists of the time. He was well versed in fiqh, hadith and the sciences of astronomy, medicine and many other disciplines. He is best known for his Sahih, which is rated higher than Ibn Majah’s by some.

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