Drei Monate am Libanon.

Fraas, Oscar 1824-1897.

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8vo. iv, 108 pp., modern hard boards, original wrappers preserved, slightly browned & worn, occasional spotting, browned paper, otherwise in good condition, Verlag von Levey & Muller, Stuttgart, first edition, 1876.


Oscar Fraas, professor and curator of the Natural History Museum at Stuttgart. He wrote extensively on the natural history of Lebanon, Palestine and Egypt. This is an account of a second journey he made to the East (the first to Egypt in 1864/1865). Fraas visited Lebanon in Spring 1875 on the invitation of Rustum Pasha the Governor (Mutassarrif) of the Country in order to do geological research. He describes his travels through Lebanon, and his meetings with Rustum Pasha in his office at Baabda.
Fraas describes and discusses various issues including a description of Beirut and Baabda, the life and beliefs of the Shia’ of South Lebanon, the life of the Maronites in Mount Lebanon, and the conflict between Maronites and Druze.
During his geological and natural history researches, Fraas visited Djeba, Hemmena, Karak Nouh, the Cedars, Baalbeck, Nahr el-Kelb, and the Maronite village of Hakel where he met Maronite religious figures.
The last part of this work consists of reports on the geography, physiognomy, social and different religious sects of the country.
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