Famous Cities of Iran.

Lockhart, Laurence.

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4to. 115 pp., 65 b/w illus. foreword by Lord Cadman, cloth in slightly worn d/w, endpaper maps, biblio, copy in very good condition, Walter Pearce & Co, Brentford, 1939.


Laurence Lockhart (1890-1975) worked for the Foreign Office and Anglo-Persia & Anglo-Iranian Oil Companies in Iran, where his Persian-language skills helped him and in his spare time, he conducted extensive research on Iran and Iranian history (in Iran and England), in fact he was one of the leading British authorities on Iran (he co-edited some of The Cambridge History of Iran & wrote many other items on Iran). Lord Cadman of Silverdale 1877-1941 also worked with the Foreign Office, and was also a director and later chairman of the Anglo-Persian Oil Company (APOC), and knew Reza Shah of Iran. As early as 1913 Winston Churchill, as First Lord of the Admiralty, appointed Cadman to the Admiralty Fuel Commission, and in this capacity Cadman made his first of many visits to Iran. So a very well researched work by an expert on Persian/Iranian history who lived in Iran for a time, and is illustrated with many photographs of Iranian cities (various photographers), and a few maps.

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