Gurgan Faiences.

Bahrami, Mehdi.

Book ID: 23018


4to. 134 pp., + 98 monochrome plates + 33 figures, foreword by Ernest Khunel, contemporary blue cloth, spine slightly damaged, loose errata leaf, from the library of Mehdi Mahboubian, copy clean inside and in very good condition, Le Scribe Egyptien, Cairo, first edition, 1949.


An important piece of research into 12th and 13th century Iranian ceramics. The industrial city of Gurgan had not, prior to Dr. Bahrami’s research, been linked to faience production, but his extensive work with the excavations there uncovered dramatic evidence that it was an important ceramics center. The excavated pottery included a large number of impressive, intact specimens, as well as the usual wasters, sherds and kiln remnants. Dr. Bahrami was the Curator of Islamic Art at the Teheran Museum and the author of several other books and catalogs on Islamic art. A general history and study of the faience from Gurgan, a town situated south of the Caspian Sea. Gurgan was the Ceramic center of the midde Islamic period of the 12th and 13th centuries. [Creswell 759].

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