Histoire des Benou’l-Ahmar, Rois de Grenade.

Ibn Khaldoun, Abdul Rahman.

Book ID: 8913


8vo. Pages 309-462, modern full calf, translated by Gaudefroy-Demombynes, lower margins of pages 458-460 repaired, not affecting text, otherwise copy in very good condition, Extraits de Journal Asiatique, Imprimerie Nationale, Paris, 1898.


Gaudefroy-Demombynes (1862 – 1957), the French Arabist translated this work by Ibn Khaldun from his book The Ibar when he was residing in Telmecen (Morocco). The Ibar, or universal history, was the second book of Ibn Khaldun, after al-Muqaddimah, and aroused interest among European scholars in the 19th century. The first to produce an edition was the French Arabist Noël des Vergers (1841), and other translations followed by Slane (Four Volumes, Algeria 1852-6), and later others. The first Arabic edition appeared in Cairo (Seven Volumes 1868).
The Banou’l-Ahmar, also known as Muhammed Bin Yussuf Ibn Nasr Ibn Al-Ahmar, founder of what was to be the last major Muslim dynasty in Spain that ruled from 1232 to 1492.

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