Ibn Hafif As-Sirazi und seine Schrift zur Novizenerziehung (Kitab Al-Iqtisad). Biographische Studien, Edition und Ubersetzung.

Sobieroj, Florian.

Book ID: 21146

ISBN:      3515064508


8vo. ix, 500 pp of German text including 48 pp of Arabic text, publisher’s original wrappers, biblio, index, copy in mint condition, Beiruter Texte Und Studien. Band 57, Franz Steiner Verlag, Stuttgart & Beirut, first edition, 1998.


This doctoral dissertation is devoted to research in religious, historical and philological studies on the Sufi of Shiraz Muhammads Ibn Khafif (died 371/982). Ibn Khafif played a major role in strengthening and consolidating the mysticism of the Baghdadian circle of al-Junayd in Persia and significantly contributing to preserving the memory of his many Sufi teachers, through the bigoraphical work composed by his student Abu al Hasan ‘Ali al-Daylami, the Sirat Ibn-i Khafif.
The dissertation concentrates on three distinct areas:
1- The biography of Ibn Khafif.
2- Basic traits of the theological and mystical teachings of Ibn Khafif
3- The first edition and translation of the “Book of the Goldem Mean”.

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