Islam and The Arabs in Spanish Scholarship (Sixteenth Century To The Present ).

Monroe, James T.

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8vo. x, 297 pp., original cloth, title gilt on spine & front cover, biblio, index, copy in mint condition, Medieval Iberian Peninsula Texts and Studies Series, v. 3, E. J. Brill, Leiden, first edition, 1970.


A very rare work. A scarce and single most important source of update information on Spanish Islam by a leading academic in this field. Monroe proved in this book that Jose Antonio Conde in his book History of the dominion of the Arabs in Spain used extremely important material relating to Spanish Islam that nobody noticed it before him. In this respect he criticized Palau’s attitude towards Conde’s work.
Monroe considers that the “ Purpose of this book to fill the lacuna in so far as Spanish Orientalism is concerned. As the following pages will show, Spanish Orientalism in practice was restricted almost exclusively to Arabic studies. Because of the peculiar nature of Spain, occupied, or partly occupied by Muslims from A.D. 711 to 1492, it could rightly be maintained that Spanish Arabism goes as far back as the Middle Ages”. Preface.

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