Kamil al-Sina’atayn fi al-Baytarah wa-l-Zardaqah. TWO VOLUMES.

Al-Baytar, Abu Bakr bin Badr. Known as “AL-NASIRI”. 1197-1248.

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8vo. Arabic text. Volume I: 349 pp., numerous figures, b/w illustrations from original manuscripts, / Volume II: 397 pp., titles in Arabic and English, edited & commented by Abdul Rahman Ibriq, publisher’s original wrappers, light;y rubbed round edges, biblio, index, small stain at top margin of Volume I, otherwise set clean inside & in very good condition, Institute for The History of Arabic Science, Aleppo University, 1993.


‘The greatest medieval work in veterinary medicine is the comprehensive manual Kamil Al-Sina’atayn Fi Al-Baytarah Wl Zardaqah, by Abu Bakr Al-Baytar of Cairo (died 1340), who was the groom of King An-Nasir Muhammad. The book covers animal husbandry, breeding, variations in wild and domestic animals, horsemanship, and knighthood, and contains a section on birds, especially those domesticated in Egypt and Syria. Al-Baytar devoted a major part of his work to a discussion of animal diseases and to the methods and drugs used in treatment. as many similar texts written in this period, there are also passages dealing with the use of animal organs in and tradition dating back to Aristotle’. (From The Genius of Arab Civilization).

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