Khizanat al-Adab wa-Lubb Lubab Lisan al-‘Arab ‘ala shawahid sharh al-kafiya + Al-Maqasid al-Nahawiyya fi Sharh Shwahid Shuruh al-Alfiyya wa Sharh al-Shwahid al-Kubra Lill Imam al-’Ayni Mahmud. FOUR VOLUMES. خزانة الادب ولسان العرب على شواهد شرح الكافية

Al-Baghdadi, ‘Abdul al-Qadir.

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4to. Volume I: [3, contents], 580 pp., / Volume II: [3, contents], 564 pp., / Volume III: [4, contents], 670 pp., / Volume IV: 599 pp., modern hard back binding, newly bound, new endpapers, library stamps on title and last pages, (some crudely scribbled and blackened with loss of few words), browned paper, small tear to contents page 2 of Volume I with loss of few words, cut to last page of Volume II without any loss to text, occasional soiling, al-Matba’a al-Miriyya, Boulaq, first edition, 1299 A. H. / 1881.


Abdul Qadir al-Baghdadi, born in Baghdad and died in Cairo, was a writer of commentaries, such as the verses quoted on al-Astaralbadhi’s commentary on ibn al- Hajib’s Kafia, and Mughni of ibn Hisham al-Nahawi. He also wrote a superb commentary on ibn Hisham’s commentary on the famous poet Banat Suad, by Ka’ib ibn Zuhair, which includes biographical information on grammarians. However, he was mainly known for his Khizanat al-Adab (this work), a commentary on the verse quoted by al-Astaralbadhi’s commentary on the Kafia of ibn al-Hajib. This work is perhaps less important for its philological content than the enormous numbers of sources it quotes: 945 principal titles have been counted in the Khizana, in addition to many subsidiary works.

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