Kitab Intikhab al-Iqtidab al-Majmu’ ‘ala Tariq al-Mas’ala wa Radd al-Jawab / Medical Treaty.

Nasr Saïd bin Abilkhair Al Masihi bin Issa / Arabic Manuscript

Book ID: 34461


8vo. (25 x 18 cm), [3 blanks], [85 pp], [4 blanks], Arabic text, 18 lines per page, text inscribed in black and red ink, worn contemporary full leather, weak spine, water staining to margins, 21 November 1852.


Abu Nasr Sa’id bin Abi Al-Kheir bin Issa Al-Masihi, probably of Syrian origin, was a remarkable and most imminent scholar. In this work, he uses the method of questions and answers to list the different groups of medicines as well as ailments and diseases. At the end he mentions that the reason behind writing this manuscript is to be an introduction for the beginner and a reminder for those who finish medicinal studies.

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