La Syrie. Costumes, Voyages, Paysages. Galerie Universelle des Peuples.

Lallemand, Charles & Ludvico Wolfang Hart.

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8vo. [3, introduction by Badr El-Hage], 68 pp., 19 b/w photographs by Ludvicio Wolfang Hart including a vignette on title page, half-title, title printed in red & black, hard back binding, a reprint of 1865, limited edition of 500 copies, of which this copy is numbered 63, New, Kutub Publishing, Beirut, 2017.


The first edition of this work was published in 60 numbered copies only in Paris. It is an extremely rare work.
Lallemand (1826-1904) was a French writer who was active with his friend Ludvico Hart (1837-1919), an accomplished photographer. Both of them travelled to Egypt and Syria. Hart took a series of photographs during that journey depicting Syrian costumes. The photographs illustrated in this work are as follows:
1- La ville de Zouck.
2- Marchands de limonade à Beyrouth.
3- Pâtre du Liban avec un chevreau.
4- Musique arabe à Damas.
5-Paysans Kurdes.
6- Marchand de limonade à Damas.
7- Cawas du consulat de France à Beyrouth.
8- Portefaix à Beyrouth.
9- Marchand et paysan de la région de Damas.
10- Cawas nègre de la Cie des Messagerie Impériale ottomanes.
11- Femme de Zuck (maronite).
12- Évêque maronite.
13- Jeune fille et jeune femme juive de Damas.
14- Femmes juives de Damas.
15- L’Émir Melhem, gouverneur de Schouffas et son fils.
16- Dame chrétienne de Damas.
17- Diacres grecs melchites.
18- Évêque grec melchite, costume d’autel.
19- Divan de la maison du Consul anglais à Damas.

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