Le Comté de Tripoli Sous la Dynastie Toulousaine (1102-1187).

Richard, Jean.

Book ID: 23626


4to. viii, 95 pp., 3 maps of which 2 are folding, cloth backed boards, biblio, copy in very good condition, Bibliotheque Archeologique et Historique, Tome XXXIX, Librairie Orientaliste Paul Geuthner, Paris, first edition, 1945.


After a brief introduction in which the author discusses the geography and general history of the county in the twelfth century, he studies the process of the conquest of the country, the relations with the Moslem and Christian neighbors of the County, its institutions, secular and ecclesiastic, and finally the lay society of the Tripolitan towns and countryside. He has a good section devoted to the conflicting claims to suzerainty over Tripoli made by Byzantium, Jerusalem and Antioch. [John L. LaMonte].

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