Le Yali des Keupruli a Anatoli-Hissar, Côte Asiatique du Bosphore.

Saladin, Henri,

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Large Folio. 13 pp., [2], French text, colour frontispiece slightly soiled, 12 of 13 plates loose as published, 3 in b/w & 9 in colour of which 3 are folding), Lacking VIII: Détail des arcades, preface by Pierre Loti, original hard back binding in folder style, slightly rubbed with wear to edges, with Islamic designs, occasional foxing, otherwise copy in good condition, Société des Amis de Istanbul, Paris, first edition, 1915.


RARE EDITION LIMITED TO 150 COPIES, OF WHICH THIS COPY IS NUMBERED 90. Pierre Loti mentions in his introduction to this work the charm and mystery of the Asian quarter of Istanbul, and its magnificent wooden houses on the shores of the Bosphorus, and how they were systematically destroyed and replaced by new buildings. One of the old houses, which is the subject of this architectural study, is the house of Keuproli which the Sultan had offered as the residence for the French Consul. The word Yali for the Turks meant a summer house at the sea side. The Yali of Keuproli was owned by Hassan Pasha, the Grand Vizier between 1697 and 1703, and later he held the position as the Governor of Belgrade.
The plates are as follows:
I- Plan du salon du Yali.
II- Plan des plafonds du Yali.
III- Coupe longitudinale du salon.
IV- Coupe traversale.
V- Détail du plafond situé autour de la grande coupole.
VI- Motif milieu et la corniche des plafonds secondaires.
VII- Détail d’un élément du plafond précédent.
IX- Détail de la retombée des crosses..
X- Détail de la tablette contourant le salon…
XI- VIII- Détail de la retombée de l’arc de la porte d’entrée.
XII- Détail de la fontaine de marbre placée au centre du salon
XIII- Vue intérieure de la partie centrale du Yali.
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