Les Arts Musulmans.

Migeon, Gaston.

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8vo. 48 pp., +64 b/w plates hors text, publisher’s original wrappers, copy in very good condition, Librairie Nationale d’Art et d’Histoire, Paris et Bruxelles, 1926.


Gaston Migeon ( 1861 – 1930), French scholar and experts in Islamic art. He held the position of director of the French National Museum, and published several studies on islamic arts in the “ Journale Asiatique” , “ Syria” and other journals .
In this work he discusses Islamic architect and decorative arts. A n analysis is given to early muslim architect in Makkah, Jerusalem, Damascus, Kairawan, Cordoba, Baghdad, Cairo, Istambul and Al-Andalus. In the section of decorative arts he discusses Islamic bookbindings, carpets, metals, ceramics and sculptures. [Creswell 23].

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