Les Gouverneurs de Damas sous Les Mamlouks et les Premiers Ottoman (658-1156/1260-1744).

Laoust, Henri (trslr). / Ibn Tulun / Ibn Gum’a.

Book ID: 18073


8vo. xxiii, 288 pp., [1], half-title, publisher’s original wrappers, title printed in red & black on spine & front cover, UNCUT, As NEW, index, Institut Français de Damas, first edition, 1952.


An introduction and a translation into French of two major history text, the first entitled “ The Turkish Governors of Damascus” by Muhammad Bin Tulun, the second entitled “ History of the Pashas and Qadis of Damascus Since the Reign of Sultan Selim 1516-1744”, by Muhammad Bin Gum’a. Ibn Tulun (1473-1546), a teacher of tradition and jurisprudence, is perhaps more valued today for his historical writings dealing with Mamluk rule and the beginning of the Ottoman domination of Syria. This is the first French translation of his work “ Islam al-Wara bi man waliya na’il al atra’ bi Dimask al-Shar, al Kubr”. The other work is another translation of another work dealing with the same subject by Ibn Ragab.

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