Mafatih al-’Ulum.

Al-Khawarizmi, Abi ‘Abdallah b. Ahmad. al-Khatib.

Book ID: 29277


8vo. 154 pp., Arabic text, modern hard back binding, some foxing mainly on end leaves, few ink annotations in margins, small cut on first page without loss, original wrappers preserved, Al-Sharq Printing, Cairo, 1342 A. H./ 1923.


Mafatih al-ʿUlum (“Keys to Sciences”), was compiled in 975–997 by the Persian scholar and statesman al-Khawarizmi, who was well aware of the content of the more important Greek writings. He divided his work into two sections: indigenous knowledge (jurisprudence, scholastic philosophy, grammar, secretarial duties, prosody and poetic art, history) and foreign knowledge (philosophy, logic, medicine, arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, music, mechanics, alchemy).

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