Manuel d’Art Musulman, Arts Plastiques et Industriels. TWO VOLUMES.

Migeon, Gaston.

Book ID: 10765


8vo. Volume I: 440 pp., 211 b/w illustrations / Volume II: 460 pp, 462 b/w illustrations, modern cloth backed boards, title gilt on spine label, vignette on title pages, biblio, index, title spine label on volume I soiled, otherwise set clean & in very good condition, Editions Auguste Picard, Paris, second revised & enlarged edition, 1927.


Gaston Migeon (1861 – 1930), was a French scholar and expert in Islamic art. He held the position of Director of the French National Museum, and published several studies in Journale Asiatique, Syria and other journals on Islamic arts.
The idea of compiling this Manuel started in 1907 after a discussion between the author and his colleague H. Saladin. During that period studies on Islamic art were scarce, only the Arab Museum of Cairo, and the Louvre Museum in Paris published catalogues.
Migeon worked on this project between 1907 and 1912. In volume I, Migeon discusses Islamic works of art including paintings, miniatures, sculpture, furniture, objects made of stone and wood, ivories, bronzes, numismatics and arms, while volume II covers metals, glass, ceramics, fabrics and carpets. [Creswell 23].

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