Map of North East Arabia Showing the Routes of Captain G. E. Leachman (The Royal Sussex Regiment) 1910 and other explorers..

The Geographical Journal.

Book ID: 4724


37 x 30 cm, folded map printed in colour within border, light foxing on one of the folds, otherwise in good condition, published by the the Geographical Journal, London, 1911.


Relief shown by hachures and spot heights. Covers Capt. G. E. Leachman’s 1910 journey to north east Arabia (present-day Saudi Arabia), and south west of Iraq. Shows travelling routes, tribal society, settlements, and desert routes. Appears in: The Geographical Journal 1911 ; “North East Arabia, Leachman.”
Leachman was a British soldier and intelligence office serving in Africa, India and the Middle East. From Mesopotamia Leachman made various expeditions further south into Arabia, where he contacted Ibn Sa’ud on behalf of the British government. He travelled as a naturalist of the Royal Geographical Society, but was in fact a British agent.
Leachman’s first major expedition south into the Arabian Peninsula was in 1909, during which he was involved in a ferocious battle between the Anaiza and Shammar tribes near Ha’il. He was awarded Macgregor Memorial medal for reconnaissance in 1910. In 1912 Leachman made a second expedition with the intention of crossing the Rub Al Khali, but was refused permission by Ibn Sa’ud when he reached Riyadh and instead went to Hasa. He was the first Briton to be received by Ibn Sa’ud in his home city.

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