Marasim Al-Intisab fi ‘Ilm al-Hisab.

Al-Umawi, Ya’ish Ibn Ibrahim.

Book ID: 29269


8vo. 126 pp., of Arabic text, 2 pp., of English text, figures, edited by Ahmad Salim Saidan, publisher’s original wrappers, sources and studies in the history of Arabic-Islamic Science. History of Mathematics Series 2. Institute for the History of Arabic Science, University of Aleppo, 1981.


The author is the first Spanish Arab so far known whose arithmetic has come down to us in full. This is probably he wrote it in Damascus. It represent Arabic arithmetic when ways have been found to obviate the Indian dust-board, but the board itself has not yet disappeared. Furthermore, the Marasim includes topics not found in such detail in other Arabic work.

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