Middle Eastern Affairs. Number Three.

Hourani, Albert (Edit).

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8vo. 184 pp., cloth, title gilt on spine, inscription & book plate of R. M. Burrell verso front cover, lower cover lightly marked, otherwise copy in very good condition, St Anthony’s Papers No: 16, Chatto & Windus, London, 1963.


Five articles are published in this issue:
1- Arab radical notions of democracy by Malcolm Kerr.
2- Persian political societies 1906-11 by Ann Lambton.
3- The Salafiyya movement in Morocco : The religious bases of Moroccan nationalist by Jamil Abun-Nasr.
4- Midhat Pasha and the land system of lower Iraq. by Albertine Jwaideh.
5- The American Missionaries in Beirut and Butrus Al-Bustani by A.L.Tibawi.

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