Min Mu’allafat Ibn Sina al-Tibiyyah. Kitab Dafi’ al-Madar al-Kuliyyah ‘an al-Abdan al-Insaniyyah + Al-Urjuza fi al-Tubb + Kitab al-’Adwiyah al-Qalbiyyah.

AVICENNA/ Abi Ali al-Hussain ibn Abdallah ibn Sina.

Book ID: 35497


4to. 355 pp., Arabic text edited by Muhammad Zuhair al-Baba, b/w plates, includes Arabic-French glossary, publisher’s original wrappers, lightly soiled and rubbed at spine, othwrwise copy inside in mint condition, Aleppo University, Ma’had al-Turath al-Ilmi al-Arabi, al-Munazzamah al-Arabiyah lil-Tarbiyah wa-al-Thaqafah wa-al-Ulum, Ma’had al-Makhtutat al-Arabiyah, 1984.


Ibn Sina, known in the West as Avicenna, was a philosopher, physician and scientist. He was one of the major Islamic philosophers and his philosophical writings had a profound impact on Islamic philosophy and on medieval European scholasticism. Avicenna integrated the ideas and methodologies of Aristotle, Neoplatonism, and other Greek philosophy with the monotheistic tradition of Islam. He was one of the first to apply philosophical logic to Islamic theology, and his writings provoked a strong reaction from later Islamic theologians. Nevertheless, as one of the foremost philosophers and one of the first to attempt a correlation between philosophy and religion, his works became standard textbooks in the schools of the Islamic world.” [New World Encyclopedia].

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