Mu’asasat Al-Khitab al-Jamali. Marja’iyat al-Ta’ssil fi al-Fan al-’Iraqi al-Hadith. (Institution of Aesthetic Discourse, Rooting References in Modern Iraqi Art).

Al-Qassab, Saad.

Book ID: 9571

ISBN:      9789953554228


8vo. 71 pp., numerous colour & b/w illustrations, publisher’s original wrappers, index, Kutub Publishing, Beirut, 2012.


In his book “Institution of Aesthetic Discourse”, Saad Al-Qassab revives the pioneering accomplishments of the most prominent founding fathers of contemporary Iraqi art, such as Jewad Salim, Hassan Al-Said and Mahmoud Sabri. The book highlights their contribution to the modern art movement in Iraq, bringing to light their professionalism, experiences and motives for modernization. All three chapters feature the Iraqi art scene in its various visions and styles and depict the artwork as an ever-present entity that survives the test of time.

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