Muqarnas. An Annual on Islamic Art and Architecture VOLUME 8 [VIII]. K.A.C. Creswell and his Legacy.

Grabar, Oleg ( Edit.)

Book ID: 6388

ISBN:      9004093729


4to. 138 pp., frontispiece portrait, figures, photographs, cloth in d/w, copy in mint condition, new, E. J. Brill, Leiden, 1991.


The entire issue discusses various aspects in Creswell’s career as a leading scholar in the field of Islamic architecture. Table of Contents Contents Christopher S. Taylor, ‘Reevaluating the Shi‘i Role in the Development of Monumental Islamic Funerary Architecture: The Case of Egypt.’ Nuha N.N. Khoury, ‘The Mihrab Image: Commemorative Themes in Medieval Islamic Architecture.’ Doris Behrens-Abouseif, ‘The Facade of the Aqmar Mosque in the Context of Fatimid Ceremonial.’ Mohammad Al-Asad, ‘The Mosque of Muhammad ‘Ali in Cairo.’ Marilyn Jenkins, ‘Early Medieval Islamic Pottery: The Eleventh Century Reconsidered.’ Robert B. Mason, Ronald M. Farquhar, and Patrick E. Smith, ‘Lead-Isotope Analysis of Islamic Glazes: An Exploratory Study.’ A. Ghouchani and C. Adle, ‘A Sphero-Conical Vessel as Fuqqa‘a, or a Gourd for ‘Beer.” Summer S. Kenesson, ‘Nasrid Luster Pottery: The Alhambra Vases.’ Massumeh Farhad, ‘An Artist’s Impression: Mu‘in Musavvir’s Tiger Attacking a Youth.’ Barbara Finster, ‘An Outline of the History of Islamic Religious Architecture in Yemen.’ Robert Hillenbrand, ‘Turco-Iranian Elements in the Medieval Architecture of Pakistan: The Case of the Tomb of Rukn-i ‘Alam at Multan.’ Subhash Parihar, ‘A Little-Known Mughal College in India: The Madrasa of Shaykh Chillie at Thanesar.’ Wijdan Ali, ‘The Status of Islamic Art in the Twentieth Century.’

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