Music in Muslim Civilisation + CD.

Al-Mahdi, Muhammad Salih.

Book ID: 31015

ISBN:      1 873992 65 3


Small 8vo. 30 pp of English Text, 36 pp of Arabic Text + audio CD, trade paperback as published, NEW, bibliographical note, Al Furqan Islamic Heritage Foundation, London, 2002.


According to Muhammad Salih al-Mahdi, music as part of Islamic civilisation has a special character distinguishing it from the music of other civilisations throughout history. It represents the epitome of what is best in all the people and nations which adopted Islam as their faith. For Islam was open to all cultures and their arts provided they had no connection with paganism and did not violate the basic precepts of the faith, especially that of the oneness of God. Islam cherishes good taste and beautiful voices and the Prophet himself listened to and praised the beauty of the voice of Abū Musá al-Ash˒arī, especially in reciting the Qur’an.

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