Near Eastern Numismatics, Iconography, Epigraphy and History. Studies in Honour of George C. Miles.

Kouymjian, Dickran K. (Ed.)

Book ID: 8542


4to. xxv, 478 pp., vignette on title page, numerous b/w figures, tables, cloth in worn d/w, biblio, copy clean inside & in very good condition, American University of Beirut, 1974.


George Miles has, during thirty five years, revitalised the study of Islamic numismatics and epigraphy. In this work, fifty scholars from fifteen countries have contributed forty four studies on Islamic numismatics. It was published on the occasion of the seventieth birthday of the Curator of Islamic Coins of the American Numismatic Society.
This volume is profusely illustrated throughout with plates, drawings, figures and maps. It contains a biography of George Miles and a detailed bibliography of his publication from 1926 to 1974.

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