Possessing the Land Aragon’s Expansion into Islam’s Ebro Frontier under Alfonso the Battler, 1104-1134.

Stalls, Clay.

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ISBN:      9004103678


8vo. 337 pp., cloth in d/w, from The Medieval Mediterranean Series: Peoples. Economies, and Cultures, 400-1453, Volume 7, biblio, index, E. J. Brill, Leiden, 1995.


The first comprehensive treatment of Christian Aragon’s expansion under Alfonso I.into a major arena of medieval Christian/Islamic contact: the Islamic Ebro River march of Aragon. Based on an extensive ex amination of primary and secondary sources, the book’s insights into the social and political processes of Christian settlement and the fate of post-conque st Islam are of particular importance. Its co nclusions that the freeholding of land characterized the Ebro’s Christian settlement, and not heavy seignorialization, and that Christian settlement relied on the Muslim infrastructure, challenge sign ificantly the neo-Marxist thesis of the ‘feudalization’ of twelfth-century Chrisian Iberian society and the corresponding Christian break with Iberia’s Islamic past. This book constitutes a fundamental work in Iberian frontier studies.

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