Qur’an. Ottoman Period.


Book ID: 34913


8vo. Arabic manuscript on smoothed paper, wide margins, Naskhi style with very small text frames, written space 11 x 6 cm, the colophon calls the date and the clerk, El-Seyyid Mustafa el Hulûsî, a student of the Mustafa el Muhâlis, double-sided, 'Unwan in gold and opaque colours, three lines of text in gold and colours, and some colour decorations in margins. Suras headlines in white on gold base with colour frame. Each page with a double text frame in red, black and gold. Coloured and golden small circular signs, The illumination is somewhat rough, gold colour was used instead of gold, occasional damp staining in margins, last leave lists the Islamic months. Ottoman Empire 1247 (d. I. 1831/32).
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