Qur’an. Ottoman.


Book ID: 32955


8vo. (20.5 x 15.5 cm), an Ottoman Qur'an, Turkey, signed, 19th century manuscript on paper, 310 folios, 15 lines of naskhi text per page in black ink and red highlights, titles of the Suras have white gouache on a golden headband, text illuminated with golden medallions end of verse and marginal polychrome and gilded rosettes. The manuscript opens with a double gold and polychrome frontispiece circular medallions lined crescent moon containing the text in jagged clouds on gold reserves. The upper edge is decorated with a frieze of lobed palmettos topped by floral scrolls. The colophon, part of a large triangle surrounded by flower tendrils, gives the name of the copyist: Sayyid Isma'il al-Ridâ'î Naqashbandî (illuminator) Ibn al-Sayyid Sulayman Efendi al-Bazari Marhûm'Osmân Said al-'Ajiz. Brown leather binding and gold stamped mandorla and spandrels polylobed fingered leaves in flowering foliage background.
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