Rasa’il ila Dia’ [Letters to Dia’ 1939-1949].

Saadah, Antun.

Book ID: 23875


4to. 231 pp., 16 illustrations, b/w photographs hors text, frontispiece, index, Arabic text, cloth in d/w, copy in Mint condition, Folios Ltd, London, 2001.


A series of private letters sent by Antun Saadah ( 1904-1949) to his wife in Argentina and Lebanon. Saadah, the founder of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party left secretly Lebanon to Argentina after an order of arrest was declared against him by the French Mandatory forces. In Argentina he met Juliette El Mir, to whom he got married. The letters discuss private, political, and social matters covering the period between 1939 and 1949, the last year of his life. Saadah was executed by the Lebanese government on 8 July 1949.

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