Sarepta IV. The Objects from Area II, X.

Pritchard, James B.

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8vo. viii, 253 pp., b/w plates hors text, figures, numerous tables & plans, publisher’s original wrappers, title printed in English & Arabic and in red on upper and lower covers, appendix, Unopened, spine foxed, otherwise copy clean & in very good condition, Publications de L’Université Libanaise, section des Etudes Archeologique series II, Beyrouth, 1988.


The University Museum of the University of Pennsylvania Excavations at Sarafand, Lebanon.
[Pritchard’s] third and last major excavation at Sarafand, Lebanon, (1969–1974) revealed the ancient Phoenician city of Sarepta. It was the first time a major Phoenician city situated in the Phoenician heartland had been fully excavated. His first findings were published in 1975: pottery workshops and kilns, artifacts of daily use and religious figurines, a shrine, numerous inscriptions that included some in Ugaritic, and a seal with the city’s name that made the identification secure. His article, ‘Sarepta in history and tradition’ in Understanding the Sacred Texts (1972) displays the background research that informed all his meticulous work.

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