Seven Pillars of Wisdom. A Triumph.

Lawrence, T. E.

Book ID: 1290


4to. 672 pp, frontispiece portrait after Kennington, 44 portraits by Kennington, Roberts, John & others, 9 other illus, 4 maps, drawings, buckram, index, Jonathan Cape, Also with a copy of the 'Lawrence of Arabia Memorial' bifold, privately printed by some of his friends circa 1936, loose to preliminaries; fourth impression, August, London, 1935.


A beautifully produced book, well laid out, and containing the reproductions of the marvellous series of portraits by Eric Kennington, Will Roberts, Augustus John and others. All but six of these plates had to be pasted by hand. “The Study of T. E. Lawrence, the man, is only now beginning because his attributes, versatility and contributions to society are at last being fully appreciated. For too long he has been presented in the media as just a dashing soldier of fortune. A closer look at T. E. Lawrence reveals a fascinating man, a polymath; he was an acknowledged authority on the history of the Crusades, military history and archaeology, and an expert in guerilla warfare who was well-versed in intelligence operations. He wrote poetry and essays; he translated from Greek and French; and for a time he reviewed books regularly for a weekly journal. He had a great love of books and fine printing and at one time hoped to have his own press. He could consort happily with people in all walks of life and was much respected by those who knew him” (foreword by Edwards H. Metcalf to O’Brien’s bibliography). O’Brien A041

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