Seven Pillars of Wisdom. A Triumph.

Lawrence, T. E.

Book ID: 146


4to. 672 pp, frontispiece portrait after Kennington, 44 portraits by Kennington, Roberts, John & others, 9 other illus, 4 maps, original buckram gilt, appendix, index, Also with a copy of the 'Lawrence of Arabia Memorial' bifold, privately printed by some of his friends circa 1936, loose to preliminaries, Jonathan Cape, first Trade edition, London, 1935.


The first edition of ” Seven Pillars of Wisdom ” to contain the suppressed introductory chapter, which had been omitted from the 1926 edition on the advice of George Bernard Shaw. This edition was published within two months of Lawrence’s death. There were two previous editions, privately printed, for distribution to Lawrence’s friends. The total complete copies from those editions were less than two hundred. [O’Brien A047].
A beautifully produced book, well laid out, and containing the reproductions of the marvellous series of portraits by Eric Kennington, Will Roberts, Augustus John and others. All but six of these plates had to be pasted by hand.
Bibliographic references: Reference: O’brein A053. t.e.g. [O’Brien A041].

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