Staat Und Gesellschaft Im Vorexilischen Juda: Vom 8. Jahrhundert Bis Zum Exil.

Kessler, Rainer.

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ISBN:      9004096469


8vo. ix, [1], 246 pp., [2], cloth in d/w, biblio., index, copy in mint condition, new, E. J. Brill, Leiden, 1992.


The epoch from the eight century BCE up to the exile is marked by a great transformation in the society of ancient Judah, as reflected especially in the texts of the pre-exile prophets. A relatively egalitarian society transforms into a class society, wherein a class of wealthy land owners is opposed to a growing class of impoverished farmers. The main factor in this development is the indebtedness of the farmers. All the forces of society and state are afflicted by this transformation. This book endeavours to describe this transformation as precisely as possible, by examining the prophetical texts, and other biblical and epigraphical materials. Unlike the theories of “annuity capitalism” or “antique development” the work especially stresses the role of the state and its organs in this transformation (leaf jacket).

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