Sunrise at Abadan, The British and Soviet Invasion of Iran, 1941.

Stewart, Richard A.

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ISBN:      0275927938


8vo. xii, 291 pp; maps, figures, b/w photographs, cloth, Notes, Biblio, Index, copy in very good condition, Praeger, New York, 1988.


The author describes the rise to power of the late Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi and the events leading to the U. S. and Soviet confrontation over Iran in 1946. Carefully documented, his book raises important legal and moral questions about Allied actions while depicting the fate of a small but proud nation caught in a highstakes game of geopoliical intrigue, doublecross and shifting alliances. Sunrise at Abadan will stimulate the informed general reader while its original research will aid scholars of political science, Middle East studies, Soviet history and policy, and military studies.

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