Syncretistic Religious Communities in the Near East. Collected Papers of the International Symposium “Alevism in Turkey and Comparable Syncretistic Religious Communities in the Near East in the Past and Present”, Berlin 14-17 April 1995.

Kehl-Bodrogi, Krisztina, Barbara Kellner-Heinkele, et al, (Eds.)

Book ID: 21592

ISBN:      9004108610


8vo. xvii, 255 pp., [4], English, German & French text, cloth in d/w, index, Studies in The History of Religions Volume LXXVI, New, E. J. Brill, Leiden, 1997.


Fifteen papers (3 in French – 1 in German). “This volume deals with Islamic sects in the Near East such as the Alevis (Turkey) , Druzes (Lebanon) , Alawis (Syria) , Ahl-i-Haqq (Iran, Iraq) and Shabak (Iraq) , which have in common a syncretistic system of belief wi th a strong Shi’ite influence, as well as secrecy and endogamy. The contributions in this volume focus on the present situation of these communities, their relation to mainstream Islam, their involvem ent in national and ethnic politics, aspects of faith and rituals, the relevance of sacred texts, modes of religious and social transformation , and the recent revival of Alevism. In view of the new vi sibility of these formerly ‘hidden’ sects and their increasing social and political importance, this volume provides important information for all scholars interested in the religious and political situation of the region.”

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