The Architecture of The Prophet’s Holy Mosque Al Madinah.

Isma’il, Muhammad Kamal & Salma Samar Damluji.

Book ID: 8646

ISBN:      1874371334


Folio. 328 pp., colour frontispiece portrait, profusely illustrated in 67 colour drawings, 123 colour photographs, some folding, cloth in d/w, gilt lettering, Mint condition as New, index, Hazar Publishing Limited, London, first edition, 1998.


The Prophet’s mosque, al Masjid al-Nabawi in al Madinah, was the first formal mosque built during the course of the establishment of Islam. As a result of the latest expansion and renewal carried out in the 1980’s it became the largest mosque in the world. The book not only covers the historical significance of the building and the surrounding city, but also documents the new extension for the first time. 67 original architectural drawings show floor plans, details, and elevations of all the facades, minarets and windows. 123 specially commissioned photos show the courts, sliding domes, roofs, entrances, shading umbrellas, arcades, aisles, cladding and ornamentation, screens, doors and flooring. The Preface describes the role played by King Fahd bin Abdul Aziz al Saud.
Lead author Dr Muhammad Kamal Ismail was design consultant to the project. Editor Dr Salma Damluji is an architect, academic, and specialist in Arab and Islamic architecture. A companion volume was prepared for the Great Mosque at Mecca.

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