The Books of Autolykos. On a Moving Sphere and on Risings and Settings. Translated and Edited by Frans Bruin and Alexander Vondjidis.

Autolykos; Frans Bruin & Alexander Vondjidis (Translator & Editor)

Book ID: 12966


8vo. x, 83 pp., of English text, 34 figures, 1 leaf, 70 pp., of Greek text, 34 figures, translated & edited by Frans Bruin & Alexander Vondjidis, hard back in d/w, American University of Beirut, first edition, 1971.


These treatises by the Greek mathematician Autolykos of Pitane were written around 320 B.C. They form the oldest material on Greek mathematical astronomy that has survived in a well preserved form. This book contains the complete text in Greek and in English. The Greek text is based on the critical edition of Joseph Mogenet. The English translation is published here for the first time. The Books of Autolykos deal with the simple geometry of points and large circles on a sphere, applying the axiomatic method systematically for the first time.

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