The Commander. Fawzi Al-Qawuqji and the fight for Arab Independence 1914-1948.

Parsons, Laila.

Book ID: 35449

ISBN:      9780863561665


8vo. xvi, 295 pp., [1], b/w photographs, notes, index, copy in mint condition, Saqi Books, London, 2016.


Revered by some as the Arab Garibaldi, maligned by others as an intriguer and opportunist, Fawzi al-Qawuqji manned the ramparts of Arab history for four decades. As a young officer in the Ottoman Army, he fought the British in the First World War, and won an Iron Cross. In the 1920s, he mastered the art of insurgency and helped lead a massive uprising against the French authorities in Syria. A decade later, he reappeared in Palestine, where he helped direct the Arab Revolt of 1936. In this well-crated, definitive biography he author tells Qawuqji’s dramatic story and sets it in full context of his turbulent times.

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