The Desert Route to India. Being the journals of four travellers by the great caravan route between Aleppo and Basra 1745 – 1751.

Carruthers, Douglas ( Edit.)

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8vo. xxxvi, 196 pp., frontispiece, 5 b/w plates, 1 folding map, original blue cloth, gilt & decorated with vignette on cover, index, biblio, previous owner’s name inscribed verso front cover, otherwise copy in mint condition, issued by The Hakluyt Society, second series, No. LXIII, Kraus Reprint Limited, Nendeln/ Liechtenstein, 1967.


Carruthers (1882 – 1962), was an explorer and naturalist. He explored the areas South – East of Syria, and shot certain deer, among them the Arabian Oryx, one species of which was hitherto unknown. During the war years after 1914, Carruthers was employed mainly at the War Office compiling maps of the Middle East.
In this work he edited four early travel works between Syria and Iraq. They are as follows:
1- A Journey from Aleppo to Basra in 1745, by William Beawes.
II- A Journey from Basra to Aleppo in 1748, by Gaylard Roberts.
III- A Similar journey in 1750, by Bartholomew Plaisted.
IV- A journey from Aleppo to Basra in 1751, by John Carmichael.
Bibliographic reference: Cox I, 244

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