The Israel-Arab Reader: A Documentary History of the Middle East Conflict.

Laqueur, Walter & Barry Rubin (Edits.)

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ISBN:      0140245626


8vo. xi, 686 pp., publisher’s original wrappers, copy in mint condition, new, Penguin Books, London, 1995.


In 1661 Rycaut “was sent to Turkey as secretary in the embassy of Heneage Finch, second earl of Winchilsea. He was attached to the Porte about six years, and during that period twice travelled to England” (DNB). “Rycaut, from his long residence and connection with the Embassy, was well qualified to delineate Levantine customs [His] History is regarded as one of the best of its kind with respect to the religious and military state of Turkey” (Cox I, 210). “An extremely important and influential work, which provides the fullest account of Ottoman affairs during the 17th century” Bibliographic references: (Blackmer 1463). Wing R2406; Atabey R2406.

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