The United States and Persian Gulf Security, The Formation of The War On Terror.

Wright, Steven.

Book ID: 2899

ISBN:      9780863723216


8vo. v, 242 pp., hard back, biblio., index, New, Ithaca Press, Reading, 2007.


The purpose of this book is to offer a detailed analysis of US foreign policy towards Iran and Iraq since the onset of the post-Cold War era and to chart its developments and changes right through to the contemporary period of the War on Terror epitomised by the Presidency of George W. Bush. It also provides a detailed examination of US foreign policy towards political Islam to show why and how US strategic interests have so fundamentally changed since the trauma of the 9/11 attacks. Written in a clear and accessible style, the book is sure to prove invaluable for students, policy makers, and the general reader interested in the politics and security of this highly important but volatile region of the Middle East.

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