Usul Al-Khail Al-Arabiyya. TWO VOLUMES. اصول الخيل العربية

Abbas Pasha al Awal.

Book ID: 36143


4to. Arabic text, Volume I: A study of ‘Abbas Pasha Manuscript: 465 pp. / Volume II: A facsimile of the original manuscript of ‘Abbas Pasha within borders, cloth in d/w. Set fitted in a special presentation burgundy box with a silvery clasp. Mint condition. New. King Abdul Aziz Public Library, Riyadh, 2008.


One of the best written sources on Arab horses. The manuscript here is printed as facsimile for the first time, containing 17 lines to the page in nakshi script, with a few designs. The manuscript is about 517 pages. Abbas Pasha I (1813-1854), admired the Arab horses, and even lived with the Ruwala Bedouin for some time. Emir Faisal Ibn Turki (1785-1865) helped Abbas Pasha to obtain many of the Arabian horses in the Arabian Desert. He sent
emissaries to gather an extensive history of these horses, recording their stories and blood lines from the Bedouin tribes. The information gathered in this manuscript remains an invaluable resource on the history of the Arabian breed.

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