Viaggio e Visita di Terra Santa + Quadro di Terra Santa Antica e Moderna. TWO VOLUMES IN ONE.

Daldini, Agostino 1817-1895 & Saltino Daldini..

Book ID: 35274


12mo. Volume I: 180 pp., steel engraved folding frontispiece plan of Jerusalem, 8 engraved folding plans of which one is loose / Volume II: Quadro di Terra Santa Antica e Moderna: 176 pp., steel engraved folding plan of Jerusalem, mabled boards, speckled edges, bookplate of Francisci Salomon I verso front cover, copy in general good condition, Motta Typography by M. Carrara, Milan, second edition, 1830-33.


Extremly rare work. Copac lists one copy only at the British Library. Not available in Blackmer, Hilmy or Rohricht.
Agostino Daldini was a Swiss presbyter and botanist. Between 1830 and 1833 he started a journey to the Levant. In the first volume he describes his journey to the Greek islands, Alexandria,Palestine and the Lebanon/ The second contains his impression about the Holy Land and the missionary work in general.
in 1838 he entered the Order of Capuchin Friars Minor and in 1843 was ordained a Catholic priest. After living in Lugano a few years, in 1853 he moved to the sanctuary of the Madonna del Sasso in Orselina, where he remained until his death.

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