Voyages and Travels in the Near East Made During the XIX Century; Being a Part of a Larger Catalogue of Works on Geography, Cartography, Voyages and Travels, in the Gennadius Library in Athens. TWO VOLUMES IN ONE.

Weber, Shirley Howard.

Book ID: 27723

ISBN:      1578980089


8vo. Volume I: x, 252 pp. / Volume II: vii, 208 pp. cloth, indices, few ink annotations on margins, a facsimile edition of 1952 original edition, Martino Publishing, Mansfield Centre, 2002.


This bibliography is the first in the Gennadius series of bibliographies on travels to Greece and the Near East. It describes 1206 published nineteenth century travel books. Not only travel and voyages are included. The bibliography also covers topographic works and guide books. Full collations are provided, as are frequent annotations. There is also an index of travelers and authors, as well as a general index. This is the first Martino Publishing reprint of this work as a separate book. In 1997 we published this volume, along with its companion, together in one book. That edition is now out of print. A basic reference in the field, and notoriously hard to find in the original edition. Though published in the U.S., it was printed in Europe, and relatively few copies seemed to have made it back into the marketplace.

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