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Al-Daraqutni, Abu Hasan Ali ibn Umar ibn Ahmad.

8vo. 16 pp., 23 lines to the page, key words in red ink, contemporary full calf with flap, rubbed round…



8vo. 101 pp., excluding blanks, English text, slightly browned, no covers, n.d. [c. 1890].


Al-Ru’aini, Yahya bin Muhammad al-Hattab. 1496-1547.

8vo. 41 leaves, 16 lines to the page, tables encircled in red, sections headings in red, decorated boards, rubbed and…


Arabic Manuscript. Al-Rumi, Abdul Halim Bin Muhammad (962-1013).

4to. 253 leaves numbered 142-395 in red ink, 29 lines to the page, wide margins, key words in red, original…


Qur’an. Arabic Manuscript.

8vo. 289 leaves approximately, 15 lines to the page, text within gilt, red and blue borders, floral decorations in margins,…


Arabic Manuscript. Al-Ilaqi, Muhammad Bin Yusuf

8vo. [3], 43 leaves, 25 lines to the page, text within gilt border, contemporary comments in margins, contemporary hard boards,…


Arabic Manuscript. Al-Jarrahi, Ibrahim Bin Muhammad Bin Zamil Al-Asbi’i.

8vo. 17 leaves, 25 lines a page, title and key phrases in red, original binding with a flap, rubbed round…


Arabic Manuscript / Jalal al-Din al-Suyuti.

8vo. [211 pages], 23 lines per page, wide margins, headings, keywords and first word to the line in red, modern…


Ibn Al-Imad, Khalil Bin Muhammad Al-Aqfahsi Al-Ma’arri Al-Malaki.

8vo. 59 pp,. 17 lines to the page, lacks part of introduction, full calf with a flap, key words and…


Carnazet, Henri de (Count).

4to. French text, 41 pp., + title page: Voyage en orient 1869-1870. Quelques Notes sur la haute et la basse…


Arabic Manuscript. Al-Kurduri, Muhammad Bin Muhammad Shams Al-’A’imma (599-642).

4to. 25 lines to the page, full calf repaired with new endpapers, damp staining to margins of first few leaves,…


Ibn Sayyid Ali, Ya'qub [Arabis Manuscript].

4to. Unnumbered [112 leaves], 15 lines per page, handwritten in simple Naskhi style on Arabic language and grammar, compiled from…


Arabic Manuscript. Muhyi al-Din Muhammad bin al-Khatib al-Amasi. Known as al-Khatib Qasim (Muhyiddin Mehmed Hatibzade)

8vo. Arabic manuscript on polished paper, 81 leaves, 13 lines to the page written in clear ta'liq script in black…


Ibn Shaddad, ‘Izz al-Din

8vo. 196 leaves, plus 4 endpapers, Arabic text, produced for patron in France, complete, single column, 13 lines in black…



8vo. (165 x 120 mm), [304 leaves], 15 lines to a page, Naskhi script, contemporary decorated leather, light to moderate…

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